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It is possible to conclude your negotiations with profitable agreements and rich agendas while strengthening your collaborations, with effectively utilized negotiation skills.

The Benefits of Negotiation Skills Training for Participants

Consistent Results

The effective use of negotiation skills increases a negotiator's ability to make decisions and reach rich agreements...

Solid Foundations

Negotiation skills training can increase participants' success in their careers, allowing them to enjoy their jobs more.

Trust Within the Company

Participants who have taken negotiation skills training contribute to improving inter-departmental and...

Enjoyable Work Life

Participants who receive negotiation skills training learn the necessary techniques to be more successful in their professional lives.

Difficulty into Ease

Negotiation skills are crucial for succeeding in the business world. In business, you may encounter many different people and...


If you have answered 'yes'to any of the following situations, it is time to plan this training for yourself or your team.


Prolonged Meetings

Do you ever experience never-ending meetings, where you only talk about prices or feel like the meeting will never end?


Never Ending Demands

Do you often feel like the other party is too demanding and their requests are never-ending?


Unnecessary Concessions

Do you sometimes give unnecessary concessions, especially at the last minute, due to the fear of losing and end up giving too much?


Doubtful Situations

Do you ever have situations where you feel like the other party is not telling the truth, but you're not sure?


Being Caught Unprepared

Do you sometimes find yourself unprepared for a meeting because you didn't have enough time to prepare beforehand?


Dealing With Complaints

Do you often find yourself dealing with objections and complaints in your personal and professional life, and struggle to find a way to reach a mutually beneficial agreement?

1000 +
number of participants
8000 +
training & consultancy hours
25 +
experience in business
50 +
international and local trainings

We determine our programs according to your needs and create the the most suitable plan. We reinforce your experience and the learned skills with Consulting and Fun competitions


1 / Negotiation Skills Training

Online 'Negotiation Skills' training consisting of 4 half days


2 / Negotiation Skills Training

2 full-day face-to-face 'Negotiation Skills' training


3 / Negotiation Coaching

'Negotiation Coaching' program designed to reinforce what the trained participants have learned and make their skills sustainable.


4 / Consulting

Consulting for the best preparation for meetings


5 / Competition Program

Fun and reminder Competition for trained participants


Who is Yeşim Mete McKeag ?

She is a graduate of the Russian Language and Literature Department and the Faculty of Business.

In 1997, she started working as a planning specialist responsible for the Central Asian region at Unilever and later worked as Supply Chain Manager responsible for 17 countries in the Central Asia, Turkey and North Africa regions at Unilever.

Between 2013 and 2021, she provided negotiation skills training and consultancy to corporate firms in Turkey and Dubai at Scotwork, a Scottish-based global consultancy firm.

Between 2016 and 2019, she provided leadership, presentation skills, feedback training and played an active role as a consultant in corporate workshops at Şensezgin Kurmuş Education and Consultancy.

Since 2017, she has been one of the trainers at TBB (Turkish Banking Association Education Center).

She continues to provide negotiation skills training and consultancy services at her own company, Dipnot Training and Consultancy.

Yeşim develops projects for Istanbul at the Istanbul City Council. In addition, she presented an edible fork, spoon and knife proposal to eliminate the use of plastic utensils under the zero waste project of Bütçesen that promotes participatory policy and was selected by public vote among 670 projects. This project is currently in the implementation phase.


years of domestic and international career experience.


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Participant Experiences

Participants' feedback on our trainings:

(Corporate Education)
Skill-enhancing, packed with content


(Corporate Education)
It is a must get training for every purchaser.🥇


(Corporate Education)
It was very good. I gained insightful knowledge from Yeşim Hanım.


(Corporate Education)
It was quite informative and enjoyable. I am very satisfied with the training.


(Corporate Education)
Very useful, educational, and awakening


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    Why Negotiation?

    In our daily lives, We either sign an agreement, place an order, procure something, or deal with a conflict. We need negotiation skills to ensure that both parties leave the table satisfied and turn conflicts into profitable agreements.

    Weak and inconsistent negotiations can cause companies to lose money, time, and reputation.

    Negotiation skills are a structured set of techniques that improve with use.

    In a well-conducted negotiation process, mutual needs and priorities are important to both parties. With this perspective, effective negotiation skills improve mutual relationships, save time for everyone, and contribute to building a trustful environment.

    Research shows that we spend 15% of our time in meetings, while only 11% of these prove to be productive. This is quite thought-provoking. In the big picture, unproductive meetings can lead to much bigger losses than just wasted time. An ineffective meeting process can damage the trust in the environment, making it very difficult to create a collaborative communication. Reaching an agreement in a competitive environment also becomes more challenging. An agreement can still be made in such an environment, but it can raise doubts about profitability and sustainability. In all likelihood, both parties may be pushed into demanding or uncompromising approaches in the future.

    All of these negative outcomes can be prevented and reversed with negotiation techniques.

    Reach Consistent Results

    The effective use of negotiation skills increases a negotiator’s ability to make decisions and reach rich agreements. In addition, skills such as finding alternative solutions, presenting different offers, understanding the other party’s needs, active listening, asking the right questions, being clear and being creative are also improved. With these skills, the negotiator increases their confidence and keeps control of the process. The party that controls the negotiation process gains a more advantageous position and reaches the desired outcome more easily.

    When the negotiator keeps the negotiation process under control, they can analyze the other party’s attitude more effectively and take more strategic steps. Thus, a win-win agreement that considers both their own interests and the other party’s interests can be achieved at the end of the negotiation. In addition, keeping control during the negotiation process contributes to a fair and objective progress of the negotiation. All of these factors demonstrate the importance of negotiation skills and the benefits of their effective use.

    A Career Based on Solid Foundations

    Negotiation skills training can increase participants’ success in their careers, allowing them to enjoy their jobs more. Through this training, participants can become more competent in resolving conflicts, understanding the other party’s needs, and developing solution-oriented approaches. These skills can help individuals manage challenges more effectively in their work lives.

    Moreover, negotiation skills training can also reduce the stress caused by the demands of the work environment. Individuals who can negotiate effectively encounter fewer conflicts and can resolve potential disputes more easily. This creates a more comfortable working environment and reduces job stress for employees. Additionally, communication and empathy skills learned in negotiation skills training can help employees communicate more effectively with each other and contribute to a more positive work environment and collaborative relationships among colleagues.

    Trust Within the Company

    Participants who have taken negotiation skills training contribute to improving inter-departmental and outside departmental communication, increasing collaboration within the company. Effective communication techniques learned during the training process also lead to successful results in communication with top management, suppliers, and customers. The creation of a mutual trust environment ensures that a more positive relationship is established between parties. The trust and good relationships between parties help to make more profitable deals, prevent disputes, and save costs.

    Communication skills obtained through negotiation skills training play an important role in companies’ relationships with their customers. A trust-based communication environment helps increase customer satisfaction, enabling companies to expand their customer base. Additionally, participants who have received negotiation skills training increase their company’s profitability by making more profitable deals with customers. Strong negotiation skills facilitate the establishment of a positive relationship and increased collaboration between parties, making interdepartmental coordination easier and strengthening internal communication within the company.

    Enjoy Your Work Life

    Participants who receive negotiation skills training learn the necessary techniques to be more successful in their professional lives. By utilizing these techniques effectively, they can better handle the challenges they encounter in their work. Negotiation techniques enable them to understand the other party’s real needs, offer alternative solutions, listen actively, ask effective questions, be clear, be curious, think differently, be creative, advance negotiations, and maintain control of the process. As a result, participants work more effectively and achieve successful outcomes in their professional lives.

    Moreover, the enjoyment and success that participants gain from their professional lives increase alongside their negotiation skills. Achieving success helps people feel good about themselves. Being successful in their professional lives increases people’s self-confidence and helps them feel happier. Additionally, the success achieved through negotiation skills reduces stress in the workplace. When people succeed, their self-confidence increases, and they approach problems in the workplace more positively. This reduces the stress created by the busy agendas of the workplace.

    Participants who receive negotiation skills training not only become more successful in their professional lives but also in their personal lives. Negotiation skills are a tool that can be used when encountering any problem. By using negotiation techniques when facing difficulties in their personal lives, it is possible to communicate more effectively and solve problems more efficiently. This, in turn, increases happiness and reduces stress in their personal lives. In conclusion, participants who receive negotiation skills training live happier, more successful, and stress-free lives in both their professional and personal lives.

    Turn Difficulties into Ease

    Negotiation skills are crucial for succeeding in the business world. In business, you may encounter many different people and situations. Sometimes, you may need to negotiate with your customers, colleagues, or managers. At this point, negotiation techniques help you deal with difficult situations and personalities more easily.

    Negotiation techniques not only help you deal with difficult personalities but also increase your ability to cope with challenging situations. By using the right strategies during negotiations, focusing on the other person, being a good listener, and offering a logical solution, you can overcome difficult situations. Moreover, negotiation techniques prepare you for challenging situations, and you feel stronger and more confident.

    Negotiation skills not only help you deal with difficult situations and personalities but also help you become more productive and successful in your business life. A good negotiator can open up the paths to success by using the right strategies in business. Additionally, negotiation skills allow you to communicate better with your colleagues and customers, strengthen your relationships, and lay the foundation for long-term collaboration. In conclusion, negotiation skills are an essential tool for dealing with difficult situations and personalities in the business world. By using these skills, you can become more successful in your business life, remain calm and prepared in stressful situations, strengthen your
    relationships, and better understand the people you are negotiating with.